Campsite treasure hunt

Campsite treasure hunt

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Join an adventure around the campsite and hunt for the friendly campsite beastie and her treasure!

This Treasure Hunt is designed to entertain your kids on your camping trip - so you can enjoy a break for a cup of tea! Suitable for children aged 4-10, though younger kids will need an adult to help read the clues.

You will receive a digital of the Treasure Hunt pack by email.

Pack contains:

- Instructions to set up a treasure hunt around your camp in minutes

- 12 clues, each leading to a location around the campsite

- crafty mask activity - become a wild creature and blend in while you're on the hunt

- BONUS scavenger hunt activity to try on your trip!

You will need:

- Paper to print or write the clues on (don't worry if you don't have a printer, writing out the clues doesn't take long)

- A prize for your treasure hunters (we suggest marshmallows - to cook over the campfire.)

Part of our family camping adventure activity pack! Buy the whole pack to get this treasure hunt, plus recipes, printable card game, bird bingo and more epic activities.