Doctor Who Spectacular Quarantine Quiz Pack

Doctor Who Spectacular Quarantine Quiz Pack

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Are you wiser than the Face of Boe? Then get your friends, family, or colleagues together for two hours of wibbly wobbly, time-y wimey stuff! This quiz pack contains everything you need to host your own out-of-this-world Doctor Who quiz, in or out of lock down. 

** This quiz pack is based on modern era Doctor Who (2005 or Christopher Eccleston onwards)

You will receive a digital copy of the Regeneration Quiz Pack by email.

Pack contains:

- 60 Doctor Who-themed questions and answers

- A picture round (as a  Google Sheets link)

- Two challenge ideas: one interactive and one creative

- Answer sheets

You will need:

- Paper to print the answer sheets or write answers on (and pens!)

- A platform to host the quiz on (if you're not hosting in person)

- A prize (optional)