Stay indoors treasure hunt

Stay indoors treasure hunt

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The perfect activity for those stuck indoors! The Stay Indoors Treasure Hunt works in pretty much any home. Just follow the instructions to set it up and watch your family, housemates or partner follow the clues to find the treasure.

There’s nothing inappropriate in this treasure hunt, but it is written for adults and older kids. If you have kids under 10, try the pirate version!

You will receive a digital Stay Indoors Treasure Hunt pack by email.


Pack contains:

- Instructions to set up a treasure hunt around your home in minutes

- Google It cards with silly penalties

- 11 clues, each leading to a location in your home


You will need:

- Paper to print or write the clues on (don't worry if you don't have a printer, writing out the clues doesn't take long)

- A prize for your treasure hunters (or you could just hide something they'll want to find, like the TV remote.)